IP Industrie

1/2 DIN 6527L IK VHM HSS-Co PM 120° 25° BW P 60° Z 3 45° LH Typ N 6H Typ HR H7 MF HPC Nenn-Ø m7 DIN 1835-B C D no stock item. Procurement takes place after receipt of order. a = delivery by carrier + = fraction of the PU possible You will find the explanation of the symbols before the index. Cutting tools Page 1/10 Page 1/15 Page 1/16 Page 1/18 Page 1/19 Page 1/20 Page 1/22 Page 1/25 Page 1/25 Page 1/27 Page 1/27 Page 1/28 Page 1/29 Page 1/49 Page 1/49 Page 1/51 Page 1/54 Page 1/57 Page 1/66 Page 1/73 Page 1/88 Page 1/111 Page 1/133 Page 1/139 Page 1/143 NEW to the range (extract) Pictograms Complies with DIN 6527 long Overall length long With internal cooling Solid carbide For a continuous cut Cutter can be set in this direction Powder metallurgical HSS steel For normal conditions with cut interruption 2-3-pitch section shape C with spiral point 120° point angle For difficult conditions, a high level of cut interruptions, vibrations For through holes 25° twist angle Tooth profile BW = Curved tooth with alternating chamfers For blind holes 60° flank angle Tool with 3 cutting edges 45° cutting edge chamfer Left cutting Type N = Normal Sharp edges Tolerance class 6H (medium) Type HR = Fine cord profile Conical swarf channel base for producing H7 fits Metric fine thread High Performance Cutting = for maximum cutting volume Cutting edge Ø tolerance m7 Shank with drive surface DIN 1835-B Tooth profile C = Curved tooth with precutter and finisher