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ER | ID-22070060 *Information on the respective delivery periods is provided as provisional delivery times for deliveries within Germany. NORDWEST works together with renowned freight forwarders, but the delivery period cannot be guaranteed. For example, longer delivery periods apply for orders that we receive after 4:00 PM, deliveries outside Germany and deliveries to islands. For deliveries outside Germany, the delivery service can take up to 48 hours or more. All prices are subject to change. The printed prices are non-binding price recommendations. All specified prices are net prices that relate to the item, pair or packaging unit, excluding value added tax, unless otherwise indicated. The relevant applicable alloy surcharge is charged separately. The information published in this catalogue relates to the information available at the editorial deadline (03/2022). Subsequent changes cannot be taken into account for production-related reasons. Legal information “Tools“ catalogue Publisher: ©NORDWEST Handel AG Robert-Schuman-Str. 17 D-44263 Dortmund info@nordwest.com www.nordwest.com Business segment: Construction / Trade / Industry Imprint Reproduction, including extracts, requires the publisher‘s written consent. The offers are only valid for commercial customers. All prices exclude stat. VAT. Subject to technical changes. No liability is accepted for printing errors as well as inaccurate technical data and figures. For instance, figures may differ if the manufacturer has redesigned the products. In some cases we use application figures; tools/decorations are not included in the scope of supply. Our General Terms and Conditions apply, which are either included in this catalogue or were provided at the conclusion of the contract. In case of Art. 21 (1) and (2) of the GDPR, you have the right to object to the data processing. The NORDWEST Handel AG privacy provisions also apply (they are available at www.nordwest.com/footer/Datenschutz). The validity of this catalogue (excluding prices), regardless of whether it exists as a printed publication or in an electronic format, is restricted to the period between 01/10/2022 and 31/05/2024. We reserve the right to adjust prices during the catalogue‘s valid term. The printed prices are recommended retail prices. At a glance MAKING ORDERING EASY The following information is sufficient for your order: 10-digit article number (article no.) and order quantity Table structure: Width [mm] Height [mm] Length [mm] Weight [kg] PU Article no. EUR KS 92 32 346 1,5 12 + 1234 567 890 2,15 1) ZX34 125 40 463 3,0 6 + 0123 456 789 4,20 1) ZJ08 160 50 618 30 2345 678 901 56,70 ZX34 200 60 634 44 9876 543 210 102,00 ZX34 Article cannot be sent as package. Delivery via freight forwarder. Delivery information Without symbol: available ex-warehouse* / means: No stock item. Procurement takes place after receipt of order. Cancellation and return not possible. = Delivery time on request. PU = packaging units If the PU are complied with, you will receive the articles in the original packaging. + = Handling surcharge A fraction of the VE is possible for these articles. This incurs a surcharge of 15%.