IP Industrie

2/2 D no stock item. Procurement takes place after receipt of order. a = delivery by carrier + = fraction of the PU possible You will find the explanation of the symbols before the index. Clamping devices A Steep taper (SK): No central coolant supply possible (mount not pierced) Hollow shaft cone (HSK): Central coolant supply possible via coolant transfer pipe Tool holders with coolant supply (pierced) AD Steep taper (SK): Central coolant supply possible (mount pierced) MK Tool with shank or Morse taper interface AD/B Steep taper (SK): Central coolant supply (AD) or from the side via the collar (B) Tool holders without coolant supply (not pierced) G 6,3 15.000 min -1 Balance quality for G6.3 at 15,000 revolutions per minute Drill chuck for use with locking screw AT3 Steep taper (SK): Has taper tolerance Drill chuck with taper interface (e.g. B16) NEW to the range (extract) PICTOGRAMS Page 2/29