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§ Notes on product-related laws and regulations Hazardous substances/REACH disclosure obligations As a specialist retailer in the NORDWEST Handel AG group of companies, we also trade in products subject to the chemicals legislation.We are therefore subject to the disclosure obligations in accordance with Art. 33 of the REACH Regulation, if a substance of very high concern (SVHC) is contained in one of our delivered products in a mass concentration in excess of 0.1 percent. The general terms and conditions of purchase and high quality and product safety standards take extensive precautions to ensure that the products comply with the REACH Regulation. According to the information provided by our suppliers, we are currently not aware of any products in our range that contain SVHC in a mass concentration in excess of 0.1 percent. German Battery Act As the end user, you are legally required to return used batteries/rechargeable batteries. Batteries must not be disposed of in household waste/residual waste. Used batteries may contain pollutants that may damage the environment or your health if they are not correctly stored or disposed of. For end users, returns to retail outlets is limited to the disposal of standard quantities as well as used batteries that the retailer sells as new batteries. This crossed out bin means that you are not permitted to dispose of the batteries and rechargeable batteries in household waste. The symbols displayed on the batteries have the following meaning: Pb: Battery contains lead Cd: Battery contains cadmium Hg: Battery contains mercury Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act The European WEEE Directive (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) was transposed into German law by the law on the marketing, return and environmentally compatible disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (ElektroG). The aim of the ElectroG is to ensure the protection of health and the environment against harmful substances from electrical and electronic equipment and to reduce the quantities of waste through re-use or recycling. All electrical and electronic products are therefore marked with the symbol. Equipment with this marking must not be disposed of via residual waste, rather it must be returned for recycling. Safety data sheets/technical data sheets/instructions for use Current safety data sheets, technical data sheets and instructions for use on the relevant products are available at www.nordwest.com/downloads