IP Industrie

11/2 EN ISO 20471 1 EN ISO 11611 EN 61482 EN 14605 EN ISO 11612 EN 14605+A1 EN 343 EN 511 EN 342 EN 1149 EN 14058 EN 1082 EN 61482 EN 1073 ABCIKL AKL D no stock item. Procurement takes place after receipt of order. a = delivery by carrier + = fraction of the PU possible You will find the explanation of the symbols before the index. Personal Protective Equipment This standard regulates the requirements for knee protectors that are intended to prevent injuries and/or chronic diseases Safety protective clothing EN 388 Mechanical risks Protection during welding and related procedures EN ISO 11611 Protection against thermal hazards of electric arcs EN 407 Heat and fire UV protection EN 943-1/EN 945-2 Gas-tight EN 943-1 Not gas-tight EN 381 Protection against manually operated chain saws EN 14605+A1 Liquid-tight: Protection against liquid chemicals EN 421-1 Ionising radiation Protection against heat and flames EN 14605+A1 Spray tight: Protection against liquid aerosols EN 374-5 Bacteriological contamination Protective clothing against rain, wind and cold ambient temperatures EN ISO 13982+A1 Particle-tight: Protection against solid particles EN 511 Risks due to cold Protective clothing against the cold for an ambient temperature of below -5°C EN 13034+A1 Limited spray-resistance: Protection against low amounts of sprayed or splashed chemicals EN 1149-1 Static electricity Protective clothing against cold environments for a temperature above -5°C EN 374-1 Chemical risks EN 1082 Impact cut resistance EN 60903 Insulating gloves for electric work EN 421-2 Radioactive substances Food-safe Silicone-free EN 420 General requirements for gloves EN ISO 374-1/Type A Impermeability of at least 30 minutes each for min. 6 test chemicals EN ISO 374-1/Type B Impermeability of at least 30 minutes each for min. 3 test chemicals EN ISO 374-1/Type C Impermeability of at least 10 minutes for min. 1 test chemical EN ISO 374-5 Gloves for protection against bacteria and fungi PICTOGRAMS